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Bartolini Air is the largest pilot training centre in Central Europe. We specialize in basic professional training – most students join us with zero experience and finish with an EASA frozen ATPL, which enables them to become First Officers in European airlines. Thanks to our high standards, Bartolini Air have been chosen by Ryanair to become their approved training partner. On top of regular (modular and integrated) training towards a frozen ATPL, we run a Ryanair Mentored Programme – available both for candidates with no flight experience (ab-initio) and for student-pilots who have completed some stages of their training towards frozen ATPL. Thanks to our location in Poland, we can deliver top quality training in very modern aircraft at very reasonable prices.

Professional Approach

Bartolini AirWe focus on solid practical knowledge and quality rather than quantity. From the very first day in a single-engine piston aircraft, we teach pilots a professional airline approach – our students follow Standard Operating Procedures and checklists. Everything is designed to meet the ultimate goal – make every graduate ready for the right seat of a transport category aircraft.

Modern Fleet

We use a fleet of new and modern Tecnam aircraft (maximum five years old), all equipped with an electronic flight instrument system, which from day one helps our students become accustomed to modern avionics used in large jets. For the final Jet Orientation and Multi-Crew Cooperation courses, we use simulators based on the Airbus A320 (from 2023, this will also include the Boeing 737). We teach upset recovery and prevention in a brand-new CAP 10 NG – a legendary aerobatic aircraft.

Passion & Competence

We started as a tiny flight school in 2006. We are now the largest aviation training organisation in this part of Europe. It wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t love what we are doing and if we weren’t really good at it. But we want to keep learning and getting even better – at flying, at instructing and at running the organisation and the training process for our students.

Ryanair Mentored Programme

Bartolini Air and Ryanair have formed a partnership to train pilots according to Ryanair standards and procedures, to the level required to join the airline as First Officers: 

  • Based on Ryanair industry-leading Standard Operating Procedures, culture and operational philosophy
  • From zero to airline-ready in 18 to 21 months
  • Only €59,900 for the full Ab Initio course


Geographic Locations & Operations

Headquarters: Bartolini Air Sp. z o. o.
Pilska 4
93-467 Łódź, Poland

Training Locations

  • Łódź International Airport (EPLL)
  • Olsztyn-Mazury International Airport (EPSY)

Both flight training locations are international, controlled airports with paved instrument runways, ensuring a professional flight environment and requiring full ATC communication from the start of the training.

Key Statistics

  • Over 22,000 flight operations a year
  • More than 1,500 pilots trained
  • Students from over 50 countries

Click HERE to contact Bartolini Air or to read more about the training centre. Read about why we have partnered with the Airline Pilot Club.


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