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The Airline Pilot Club (APC) is a community of aspiring pilots, newly qualified pilots, flying schools and airlines. APC will break down barriers to make the world’s most exciting career accessible to a global and diverse aviation community.

We want to empower, educate, and connect you to APC Quality Assured flying schools and airlines in the industry.

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Our Upcoming APC Events



APC & ASG: Air Law

ASG are back! After a year of providing us with superb technical knowledge (TK) insights during 2021, ASG and APC are upping the standard of training in our monthly webinars.
APC will be joined by ASG to give us a lecture on Air Law as provided in their ATPL syllabus.

Tuesday 18th January at 19:00 UTC

APC & ITS Academy: Assertiveness

ITS Academy is our partner that specialises in “soft skill” aviation training such as Human Factors, CRM and TEM.
This week they will present on the topic of Assertiveness—when it should be used, how it should be implemented and what the benefits are to ensuring a safe operation. 

Tuesday 25th January at 19:00 UTC

Mentoring Women in Aviation

Tonight we will continue our recent series of ladies-only webinars. Kassandra from, our partner community, will lead discussions on specific issues facing ladies in our industry, how we can beat early career stereotyping amongst 5-7 year old children and what the ideal airline pilot/professional career path for ladies.

Thursday 27th Jan at 19:00 UTC


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