COVID-19 Crisis.

Hello and welcome to the Airline Pilot Club website.

We in APC had hoped to launch our website in April, however, we are now in extraordinary and uncertain times and we must all pull together in order to get things back to normal across all aspects of society as soon as possible. The aviation industry has been one of the most damaged by this crisis and the fact that you are reading this means that you are either a part of the industry, or are planning to become part of it.

We have launched our website early so that we can provide a valid and informed source of information to people in the pilot training industry who are caught up in this crisis. Our plan is to harness our connections in the industry and use Petter Hornfeldt’s YouTube channel – Mentour Pilot – and other outlets to relay information from reliable people and sources in the industry who are well placed to offer some wisdom to you at this time.

We will feature videos of Petter interviewing top people in the training industry to answer your queries and we will maintain a blog for easy reference. So, we need you to tell us what your concerns are here and we will do everything we can to answer them and to be a source of reliable information.

We are also making available to ATOs and Operators a facility here to provide us with any information that the Organization might want to have distributed.

This is a free service to all. We hope that this will be a useful service for you and that you will think about joining us later when things settle down, as they will.

Andy O’Shea
CEO at The Airline Pilot Club





Always consult your national aviation authority website for the most up to date information relating to EASA, FAA or other pilot regulations! Here you will find a state by state guide to what EASA National Aviation Authorities have published. We have also included the US FAA link for convenience.


Cpt. Andy O’Shea

Captain Andy O’Shea is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and is widely regarded as a leader in the pilot training industry. He is an experienced Airline Pilot, Instructor, Senior Examiner and professional pilot training manager.

He has been a professional pilot for 40 years including 27 in Ryanair. As Ryanair’s Head of Training he managed the training of over 10,000 low-hour pilots as they transitioned successfully from initial qualification to their first Airline Pilot job.

Cpt. Petter Hörnfeldt

Petter Hörnfeldt has been an Airline Pilot for 17 years. He is a senior Line Training Captain, Type Rating Instructor and Examiner with more than 14 years of airline training experience.

During the last 4 years, Petter has created an aviation social media community revolving around his Youtube channel, Mentour Pilot. Petter is passionate about helping new pilots achieve their dreams through high quality training and mentorship.

frequently asked questions.


We have created two contact forms, one for Pilots and another for ATOs. This is the best way to get in touch with us for now.


When we are ready to accept students, we will of course let everyone know who has signed up to our mailing list. If you would like to join our mailing list, you can do so here!


Please use this space to tell us about your queries and concerns as a trainee or current pilot that arise out of the COVID-19 crisis.



Please use this space to tell us about your queries and concerns as an ATO that arise out of the COVID-19 crisis. Also, if you wish to publicise anything to do with your ATO’s efforts to deal with the crisis we will find a way to get it out there.