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Why should an ATO partner with APC?

“Quality assured and diverse students are the future of Pilot training. ATOs that partner with APC will be able to access these candidates.”

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  • Aspiring Pilots who would otherwise not be able to afford the cost of training as a Pilot will, in the very near future, be able to access an APC Unsecured Funding scheme that is currently under development when they meet APC criteria. This opens up Pilot training to a wider, capable, and more diverse group of candidates for your Flying School.
  • Quality assured and diverse students are the future of Pilot training. ATOs that partner with APC will be able to access these candidates.
  • Additionally, APC will support partner ATOs in developing relationships with recruiting Airlines.
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10 major benefits for our ATO Partners

There are powerful benefits for every ATO that undergoes our quality assurance process and partners with APC.

  1. APC will promote partner ATOs as high quality, safe and dependable organisations with a strong history of placing qualified students into airline employment.
  2. APC will feature the partner ATO logo and branding on its website in an Always Open marketing space dedicated to, and managed by, the ATO. A partner ATO will be able to market itself to the APC community via this APC platform marketing facility.
  3. APC will provide partner ATOs with a full cycle student management system that will allow it to process all its leads within this APC system, from initial contact to onboarding onto an ATO course.
  4. APC’s community search engine will be a powerful device for filling courses and meeting client Airline’s needs for a diverse pilot population.
  5. Partner ATOs will be able to search for and identify potential students from the APC community under the following filters (at least):
    • Age
    • Nationality
    • Gender
    • Licence type
    • Level of qualification
    • Required training
  1. Partner ATOs will be able to identify qualified instructors in their region and contact them directly to increase ATO instructor resources.
  2. The APC Unsecured Funding Scheme will, in the very near future, allow partner ATOs to attract students who have the ability, but not otherwise the means, to become Airline Pilots. Therefore, APC’s Unsecured Funding Scheme will provide partner ATOs with a powerful incentive for the aspirant Pilot community to use its service. This would apply to Airline mentored Integrated, MPL and certain Modular training courses.
  3. APC will represent partner ATOs with recruiting Airlines and will support partner ATOs in any proposal it makes to recruiting Airlines.
  4. APC will feature partner ATOs in member live-streams. ATOs will be able to provide subject matter experts (SMEs) to such events who can promote their ATO and agreed technical topics.
  5. APC will share and support, as requested and by agreement, partner ATOs’ social media posts.

ATO Testimonial

"APC’s ATO review process is not just a theoretical exercise but a straightforward open discussion on precise targets, which lifts the overall standard of the organization to that expected in the airline world. The topics discussed included the training documentation and implementation as well as collaboration with APC in writing an APS MCC Workbook. This allows our students to take advantage of a state-of-the-art syllabus.
I can only recommend the expertise and the professionalism of Andy O’Shea, and the entire APC team, to ATOs willing to improve their training standards."

Stefano Buratti - Accountable Manager & Head of Training

APC evaluationĀ of flying schools

The evaluation of an ATO is a pre-requisite for APC partnership. The evaluation process has two purposes:

  • to guarantee that APC recommends to its members only high-quality ATOs; and,
  • to meet the requirements of the APC unsecured funding system. (APC, acting on behalf of banks in a future APC unsecured funding scheme, will attest to the training standards of a participating ATO. This attestation must be underpinned by the ATO meeting APC’s quality assurance process – the evaluation.)

APC will use SMEs to conduct an evaluation of an ATO across all aspects of their operation: management system, instructor training and standards, as well as theoretical and practical training perspectives. The APC ATO evaluation process will produce a report with clear recommendations, which the ATO will agree to address on an agreed timeframe.

The evaluation will be reviewed after one year and repeated every two years thereafter. This re-validation process will be risk-based and generally consist of two days’ desktop review and two days’ on-site observation.

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