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Why become a member of APC?

Becoming a member of APC is the easiest step you will take on your journey to becoming an Airline Pilot.

APC is the global go-to place where Flying Schools and Airlines will find their next generation of talent... you.

Members get access to the APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool - an exclusive platform connecting aspiring pilots with leading airlines worldwide.

Join us to help you progress your career within Airline aviation where you can connect with and follow Flying Schools and Airlines around the globe.

The APC Guide to becoming an Airline Pilot

Why & How You Can Become A Professional Pilot

When you join the Airline Pilot Club (APC) you get:


Airline Pilot Aptitude Assessment


Preparation Zone: Complete your profile for exclusive access to prepare responsibly for your assessment or interview.


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Industry Leading Webinars


Airline Standard E-Learning Courses


Airline-Ready Pilot Pool: A streamlined pathway from pilot training to airline recruitment.


Student & Pilot Wellbeing Support

What is the APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool?

Bridging the gap between top-tier flight schools and recruiting airlines.

The APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool is an innovative initiative by The Airline Pilot Club (APC) designed to streamline the pathway from pilot training to airline recruitment. It serves as a dynamic platform connecting aspiring and experienced pilots with a network of leading airlines across the globe.

Our aim is to facilitate a seamless transition for pilots as they elevate their aviation careers, offering opportunities in various regions including Europe, Asia, Central Asia, and South America.


  • APC Registration Steps

    The Ready Pool is open to:

    • Pilots currently training in one of APC’s partner schools
    • Recent graduates from flight training organizations, including those from APC’s partner schools.
    • Experienced pilots holding commercial licenses seeking new opportunities or career advancement.
  • APC Registration Steps


    1. Opportunities: Access to a broad spectrum of airlines, ranging from regional carriers to major international airlines, offering varied flying experiences.

    2. Quality Assurance: Each candidate in the Ready Pool undergoes a thorough screening and assessment process, ensuring they meet the high standards expected by airlines.

    3. Tailored Pathways: Understanding that every pilot's journey is unique, the Ready Pool caters to different career stages and aspirations, from entry-level first officer positions to captain roles.

    4. Global Reach: With a focus on various geographic regions, the Ready Pool opens doors to global career opportunities, catering to a range of preferences and life goals.


  • APC Registration Steps


    1. Registration and Assessment: Pilots join the APC community and undergo a series of assessments to evaluate their skills, competencies, and readiness for airline roles.

    2. Training and Development: Pilots receive guidance and access to resources for professional development, ensuring they are well-prepared for airline operations.

    3. Matching with Airlines: Based on their profiles, pilots are matched with suitable airline opportunities. This strategic matching considers the pilot’s qualifications, preferences, and the airline’s specific requirements.

    4. Ongoing Support: The APC team offers continuous support to pilots throughout their journey, from the initial stages of joining the Ready Pool to successfully securing a position with an airline.

We provide exclusive access to the APC Symbiotics Practice Assessmements and Support Services to help you decide if a career as an Airline Pilot is right for you.

Throughout the process, APC will provide expert guidance in areas where you can improve so that you can fulfil your potential as a Professional Pilot.