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It may seem a bit strange, perhaps, that there is a section ‘For parents’ on a website dedicated to Airline Pilot careers. In fact, it is not a bit strange; it is essential. As a parent, you are going to be a mentor and a counsellor to your child during their training. Above all, you will almost certainly be the bank that funds your child’s Training. So, having lived and worked in the Pilot Training industry for decades, I think you should know some things before you start out on this journey with your child.

The pass rate at Airline assessments is consistently hovering around 60%. This means that 40% of licenced Pilots who apply for an Airline Pilot job are not up to the standard required by Airlines. What does this tell us?

There are two aspects to the answer:

  1. Not everyone has the attributes to develop Airline Pilot Competencies

    These Competencies are well understood and are fundamental to the ability for an Airline Pilot to perform safely.

    That is why we in APC have developed our Pilot Career Preparation Assessment and Pathway to Pilot Competence course. The Preparation Assessment is designed to give your child an early indication as to whether they have the right aptitudes and personality traits to develop these necessary Airline Pilot Competencies.

    The Pathway to Pilot Competence course has been designed to build on the result of the Preparation Assessment and to give them the best possible preparation for their job interview.
  2. Not all Flying Schools are the same

    While there are great Flying Schools out there who have high standards and are dedicated to providing the best Training possible to their students, there are other schools who are not at the same standard. Yet, they are all authorised to issue the same Professional Pilot’s licence.

    This is where APC can really help you, we will only recommend the best schools to your child. We have selected our partner Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) after a thorough examination of their performance and their ability to find their students Airline Pilot jobs.

    Watch our video “Choosing the Right ATO” below where I go into much more detail about this important topic.

We wish you and your child the very best of good fortune in the pursuit of an Airline Pilot career. It is a fantastic career, one that offers great financial rewards, professional satisfaction and amazing opportunities in an exciting industry.

I should know, I have lived that dream.

– Andy​ O'Shea