APC Ready Pool

Innovative Streamlined Pilot Recruitment Solution for Airlines

  • The APC Platform and Ready Pool is an integrated aviation recruitment and training solution

  • It provides high-quality, efficient, and standardized processes that link pre-screened candidates, APC Quality-Assured ATOs, and recruiting airlines

  • Using state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices, the APC Ready Pool will provide:

    • Pre-screened, well-trained cadets from selected APC partner ATOs

    • Direct entry type rated pilots

  • Multiple sources of Ready Pool cadets:

    • Airline specific or APC mentored course in selected APC ATO

    • Individual opt-ins from all APC partner ATOs

APC Platform & Ready Pool

Candidates are added to the ready pool through a variety of processes - depending on their career pathways.


  • APC Registration Steps


    1. Candidate Portal: 
      Potential pilots register, inputting their personal and training-related information. This serves as the primary entry point for all aspiring aviators.
    2. Candidate Preparation Module: 
      Candidates undergo indicative psychometric testing and follow a tailored preparation course. Feedback mechanisms ensure continuous improvement.
    3. Training Module: 
      Training providers offer world-class training programs, ensuring that candidates receive the best possible preparation.
    4. Mentoring Module: 
      Candidates receive direct mentorship from the APC team, ensuring consistent quality and preparation standards.
    5. Review Module: 
      Utilizing artificial intelligence, this module performs an in-depth analysis of the training performance, ensuring that only the best candidates make it to the final pool.
    6. APC Ready Pool: 
      A repository of highly-qualified, airline-ready pilots. These individuals have successfully navigated the APC process and are primed for integration into airline operations.
  • APC Registration Steps


    1. Registration: Complete personal and professional profile on the Candidate Portal.

    2. ​​​Review & Assessment: Directly proceed to the APC review, which is modulated as per airline requisites. 

      • Airline pilot profile generated by APC’s partner organisation – Symbiotics

      • APC or Airline recommended psychometric assessments

      • APC or Airline knowledge tests available

      • A simulator evaluation may be conducted, depending on airline preferences and needs

      • Co-ordinated, AI derived report 

    3. APC Ready Pool: Post successful evaluation, DE pilots enter the Ready Pool, set for airline recruitment.

  • APC Registration Steps


    1. Registration: Complete personal and professional profile on the Candidate Portal.

    2. Review & Assessment: Directly proceed to the APC review. 

      • APC review of pilot profile for suitability

      • APC professional background check

      • Interview with APC SME.

      • APC knowledge tests complete

    3. APC Ready Pool: Post successful evaluation, DE pilots enter the Ready Pool, set for airline recruitment.

Airline Access to the APC Ready Pool


1. Platform Access

Once an airline partners with the APC Platform, a dedicated portal is provided. This portal is tailored to airline-specific requirements, ensuring easy navigation and intuitive functionality. Airlines will have immediate access to view and search the APC Ready Pool.

2. Advanced Filtering

The APC Ready Pool interface is designed with advanced filtering capabilities. Airlines can filter candidates based on multiple criteria, including flight hours, type ratings, geographical preferences, and any other criteria deemed important. This ensures that airlines can find the ideal candidates that fit their specific requirements efficiently.

3. Direct Communication

The platform facilitates direct communication with the candidates. Once a potential pilot is identified from the Ready Pool, airlines can initiate communication, schedule interviews, or even offer them an employment contract, all through the integrated communication tools within the platform.

4. Data Security & Privacy

The APC Platform is built with the highest standards of data security and privacy. Only authorized personnel from the airline will have access to the Ready Pool. Candidate data is shared in compliance with global data protection regulations, ensuring both the airline's and the candidates' data remain confidential.

5. Continuous Updates

The APC Ready Pool is a dynamic repository. It gets continuously updated as new candidates complete their training and become ready, and as existing candidates update their qualifications or status. Airlines will always have real-time access to the most current data.

6. Dedicated Support

APC provides dedicated account managers to its airline partners. They are always available to assist Airlines in navigating the platform, understanding the data, or addressing any specific requirements. This ensures a seamless experience while accessing the APC Ready Pool.

Role of the APC Team

APC provides oversight and support not only for Candidates but also for Airlines that we partner with.

  1. Oversight and Quality Assurance
    The APC Team is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout the APC Platform. They ensure that all training providers meet the rigorous criteria set, and that all candidates undergo a standardized evaluation process.
  2. Candidate Mentoring
    One of the unique aspects of the APC Platform is the mentoring module. The APC Team actively mentors candidates under training agreements with APC partner schools throughout their training. This approach ensures that candidates not only receive the best education but are also groomed with the right attitude and ethos expected by top airlines.
  3. Continuous Platform Enhancement
    The APC Team constantly seeks feedback from candidates, training providers, and airline partners to improve and enhance the platform. Based on this feedback, they introduce new features, optimize existing processes, and ensure that the platform remains at the cutting edge of recruitment and training solutions.
  4. Data Analysis and Reporting
    Using artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics, the APC Team analyzes performance data and other metrics to provide detailed reports to airline partners. These reports offer insights into candidate demographics, performance trends, and other relevant data, aiding in informed decision-making.
  1.  Integration Support
    The APC Team assists airlines in integrating their existing recruitment and HR systems with the APC Platform. This ensures a seamless flow of data and processes between the airline's systems and the APC platform.
  2. Dedicated Account Management
    Each airline partner is assigned a dedicated APC account manager. This manager becomes the primary point of contact, addressing any queries, facilitating platform navigation, and ensuring that the airline derives maximum value from the platform.
  3. Regular Workshops and Training
    The APC Team organizes regular workshops and training sessions for airline HR teams, ensuring they are well-versed with the platform's features, and can utilize them effectively for their recruitment needs.
    The APC Team plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of the platform and providing continuous support to all stakeholders, ensuring that they derive maximum value from the APC system.
  4. Consulting
    Perform on behalf of airline partners: interviews, psychometric and knowledge assessment as well as sim evaluation and record the results in the APC platform using subject matter experts in aviation and recruitment.

Benefits for Airlines

  • Streamlined Recruitment: 
    With the APC Platform and Ready Pool, there's no need for extensive searches or prolonged recruitment processes
  • Cost Efficiency: 
    Reduce training and recruitment-related costs by leveraging the APC system's integrated approach
  • Consistent Quality: 
    Every candidate in the Ready Pool has been vetted, trained, and reviewed to ensure they meet the highest industry standards
  • Adaptability: 
    The platform's AI-driven modules ensure that the training and evaluation methods adapt and evolve with the industry's needs
  • Integration: 
    Seamless integration with existing HR systems and databases for effortless data management and reporting.
APC Ready Pool
APC Ready Pool

Implementation & Integration

  • The APC team will collaborate with Airline IT and HR departments to ensure smooth integration of the platform with existing systems.
  • Training sessions will be organized for relevant staff members to acquaint them with the platform's functionalities.

Your Recruitment Partner

  • By partnering with APC, airlines will utilize proven state-of-the-art technology and unrivalled airline pilot recruitment and training expertise.
  • The APC Platform and Ready Pool will provide airlines with a steady stream of high-quality pilots enabling airline growth.
  • APC’s “Reverse-Hire” recruitment model saves airlines expensive and time-consuming road-shows and recruitment campaigns.

APC Ready Pool - Key Advantages

  1. 🚀 Diverse Talent Pool: Budding cadets with fresh perspectives to Direct Entry pilots with unparalleled expertise.

  2. 🎯 Quality Assurance: Our experience-based review process ensures that only the best, whether cadet or experienced pilot, make it to the APC Ready Pool.

  3. 🛠 Tailored Recruitment: The flexibility to pick candidates based on airline-specific requirements: fresh skills or instant expertise.

  4. 🤝 Full-Spectrum Support: APC's dedicated team aids airlines at every recruitment juncture, guaranteeing smooth sailing.

  5. 🛠 Full integration with existing HR tech systems.

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