Become an Airline Partner

Airlines can partner with APC for diverse and sustainable growth

  • APC’s Free Airline Partnership allows airlines to market themselves among APC’s community of qualified Pilots through an Always Open digital microsite in the APC platform.
  • Included in this free partnership with Airlines, is a collaboration that attracts, screens and prepares the Airline’s future supply of qualified Pilots.
  • For Airlines that additionally choose to be Recruitment Partners, APC’s search engine will be a powerful device for filling cockpits with diverse, type rated, and/or experienced Pilots from all regions of the world.

Advantages of APC to airlines

There are three outstanding reasons why Airlines should partner with APC. These are as follows:

Access to a global career-oriented pilot population

APC will be the ‘go to’ place for aspiring, trainee or qualified pilots. Your airline will be able to market itself to the entire community.

Quality assured and diverse pilots are the future of pilot talent. Airlines that partner with APC will be able to access these pilots from our community.

Access to APC’s network of ATOs

APC only partners with ATOs which pass our evaluation and re-evaluation process. APC will introduce airlines to its community of quality assured ATOs and will provide quality assurance to your airline in any collaboration between APC, the ATO and the airlines.

APC Graduate Pilot Ready Pool

The APC Platform with its Ready Pool of graduate pilots is an integrated aviation recruitment and training solution, perfect for expanding airlines.
It provides high-quality, efficient, and standardized processes that link pre-screened graduates, APC Quality-Assured ATOs, and recruiting airlines. We use state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices to attract, screen, and train our graduates. The APC Ready Pool will provide you with:

  • Pre-screened, well-trained cadets from selected APC partner ATOs
  • Direct entry type rated pilots to recruiting airlines.
  • Multiple sources of Ready Pool cadets:
  • Airline specific or APC Mentored ATPL course in selected ATOs
  • Individual opt-ins from all APC partner ATOs

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10 reasons for airlines to join APC’s Free Airline Partnership

In the first instance, Airlines are welcome to create a free partnership with APC.
This Free membership will benefit the Airline in many ways.

  1. APC will provide an “attract, screen and prepare” service that will simplify, and make more efficient, a recruitment campaign while delivering high quality candidates to your Airline.
  2. APC will feature your Airline logo and branding on its website in an Always Open marketing space dedicated to, and controlled by, your Airline.
  3. From your own Dashboard, your Airline will market itself to the APC community via this APC digital platform marketing facility.
  4. Your Airline will be able to post news and recruitment updates into your APC marketing space that will be visible to all APC members.
  5. You will be able to direct message pilots who opt to follow your Airline.
  1. APC will feature your Airline in member live-streams.
  2. Your Airline will be featured in regular APC newsletters that will be distributed to APC’s registered followers.
  3. APC will share and support, as requested, your Airline’s social media posts.
  4. Being a Freemium partner demonstrates to aspiring and qualified Pilots your commitment to developing high quality candidates for the next generation of Professional Pilot careers.
  5. APC will promote your Airline as a high-quality, progressive Airline that has a strong history of employment and high standards.

Recruitment Partners

Airlines are welcome to become Recruitment Partners with APC.

In addition to the above airline Freemium membership benefits, APC’s search engine will be a powerful device for filling cockpits with type rated, experienced pilots or for conversion courses in a way that meets the airline’s needs for a diverse pilot population in all regions of the world. This process will enable sustainable network growth for your airline.

Your airline will be able to search for and identify potential pilots from the portion of the APC community that has chosen to follow it. Specifically, your airline will be able to search for qualified pilots under the following filters (at least):

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Licence type
  • Working Rights
  • Rank
  • Experience
  • Type Rating
  • Medical status
  • English language rating
  • Instructor or examiner qualification

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