Airline Pilots

Why Pilots should become members of APC?

Becoming a member of APC is the easiest step you will take on your journey to progress your career as an Airline Pilot.

APC is the global “go-to” place where Flying Schools and Airlines find their next generation of talent... You.

Join us to help you progress your career in Airline aviation where you can connect with and follow Flying Schools and Airlines around the globe.

The Airline Pilot Club

We chose this name because a great number of current Airline Pilots started their careers in flying or gliding clubs. Why not have a Club for Airline Pilots where we can inform, support, and encourage each other as we progress through our careers?

We already have experienced Airline Pilots among our members.

We will be developing the below services and features on a progressive basis.

Here are ten great reasons why you should join APC now and enjoy these benefits, in due course:

  1. Free registration and access to assessment preparation, APC e-learning platform, webinars, and recruitment news.
  2. Choose to follow our partner Airlines and get first access to their recruitment opportunities. Only Airlines that you choose to follow will see you in our community. Airlines that you follow will be able to search your profile based on all the data that you provide in your profile. The profile fields are based on typical information that Airlines look for when recruiting direct-entry, qualified pilots.
  3. Get tips from experts about becoming an SFI or Command Upgrade or LTC or Examiner.
  4. Use our wellbeing guidance and navigate your way to a healthy and fulfilling career
  5. Are you an instructor? Advertise yourself to our partner ATOs and keep your teaching passion active
  6. Feeling disadvantaged by race, gender or geography? Use our diversity content to assert yourself and improve your career prospects
  7. Access high quality Airline Pilot career development learning in APC’s Preparation Zone
  8. Get discounted Pilot equipment in our online shop 
  9. Access great loss of licence or income continuance insurance policies from our insurance partners
  10. Join our team of expert SMS and training experts in quality assuring our partner ATOs

When you join the Airline Pilot Club (APC) you get:


Airline Pilot Aptitude Assessment


Airline Standard E-Learning Courses


Recommendation to
APC Flying Schools


Access to Airline Pilot Careers


Preparation Zone: Complete your profile for exclusive access to prepare responsibly for your assessment or interview.

We provide exclusive access to online tools which assist you to progress your career as an Airline Pilot.

Members also enjoy a support system and community that is geared towards career development in this exciting industry.