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Discover a tailored well-being journey for aviation professionals.

Understanding Welliba

Welliba is a pioneering platform dedicated to enhancing the personal and professional lives of those in the aviation industry.

Offering a suite of interactive tools and resources, Welliba addresses the unique challenges faced by aviators, providing strategies for stress management, personal growth, and career development—all in a confidential and supportive environment.

Welliba Benefits



    • Personal Growth:
      Engage with Welliba's self-assessment tools and resources to gain insights into your psychological well-being and areas for improvement.
    • Professional Development:
      Access tailored content that complements your flight training and prepares you for career advancement.
    • Confidential Support:
      Rest assured, your privacy is protected with top-tier encryption and data handling standards.



    • Holistic Training:
      Incorporate Welliba's resources into your curriculum to nurture well-rounded pilots equipped with strong mental and emotional fortitude.
    • Instructor Support:
      Provide your instructors with Welliba's tools to better understand and support their students' well-being. Gain insights into your instructor- wellbeing, contentment in current role, and likelihood of seeking a career change. 



    • Crew Well-being:
      Integrate Welliba into your pilot benefits to promote a healthy work-life balance and operational readiness.
    • Talent Attraction:
      Leverage Welliba's offerings to enhance your recruitment package, demonstrating a commitment to crew health and well-being.
    • Talent retention:  
      Improve your crew planning by gaining insights into flightcrew wellbeing, contentment in current role, and likelihood of seeking a career change. 


How it works

Your Path with Welliba...

  1. Register:
    Sign up through the APC-exclusive Welliba portal (for airlines contact us).

  2. Assess:
    Complete a confidential self-assessment to personalize your experience.

  3. Engage:
    Explore interactive modules and resources at your own pace.

  4. Grow:
    Apply insights and strategies to your daily life and aviation career.

Hear from Fellow Welliba Members

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    "I signed up to Welliba from APC, and I've completed the initial questionnaire. I am genuinely impressed with how accurate and insightful the evaluation was. Certainly it came up with some good perspectives based on my own input!!!
    I can see how it could be a great tool to point someone in the right direction. I can see how it could be beneficial even for those who have yet to be challenged by the career as well. I think it would resonate with anyone who fills in the questionnaire honestly."

    Captain Godfrey Higgins, TRI, former Chief Pilot and DFO in Norwegian Airlines

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    "Welliba truly brings something new to the market, with a holistic approach to Employee Experience and engagement that considers both the individual and their unique work context. There are multiple use cases, from insights into what boosts or blocks experience at work and at home to engagement data that predicts churn and absenteeism. A wealth of data for people teams to tap into but also actionable nudges for the end users to better manage their own productivity and energy levels."

    Catalina Schveninger - People Strategy Consultant
    Member of Forbes Human Resources Council

    Your Privacy, Our Priority

    Welliba and APC are committed to the highest standards of data privacy. Your individual journey with Welliba remains confidential, with no personal data shared without your consent. We provide aggregated insights to partner organizations to facilitate industry-wide well-being improvements while safeguarding individual information.

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