Unlocking the Benefits: APC's ATO Quality Assurance Explained

Unlocking the Benefits: APC's ATO Quality Assurance Explained

Partnering with APC is a smart choice for ATOs and aspiring pilots who want to take their business and careers to the next level. APC has an established reputation for excellence in the aviation industry, and its partnerships with leading companies and institutions provide a range of benefits.

APC has a stringent endorsement process for  Approved Training Organisations (ATO), to ensure that only the most qualified and reputable organisations are included in their network. 


Access to Cutting-Edge Training Resources

One of the primary advantages of partnering with APC is the access it provides to cutting-edge training resources. APC's partnerships with top aviation organisations and institutions give ATOs and pilots access to the latest technologies and training methodologies, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest industry standards.


Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders

Another key benefit of partnering with APC is the networking opportunities it provides. By joining APC's network, ATOs and pilots gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from some of the industry's most influential figures.

APC hosts regular events where partner ATOs share their insights and expertise. These events provide a unique opportunity for pilots and ATOs to learn from the best and make valuable connections that can help them advance their careers.


Enhanced Safety and Compliance Standards

APC is committed to maintaining the highest safety and compliance standards in the industry. By partnering with APC, ATOs can ensure that they are meeting these standards and providing their pilots with the best possible training.

APC's knowledge of international regulations and best practices ensures that student receive consistent, high-quality training, no matter where they are in the world. This not only benefits ATOs and pilots, but also helps to improve safety across the entire aviation industry.

Partnering with APC provides numerous benefits for aspiring ATOs and pilots. From access to cutting-edge training resources and networking opportunities with industry leaders, to enhanced safety and compliance standards, APC is the perfect partner for anyone looking to take their aviation career to the next level.


APC Evaluation of ATOs

A successful evaluation of an ATO is a pre-requisite for APC ATO partnership. The evaluation process has two purposes:

  • To ensure that only high-quality ATOs are endorsed by APC to its airline partners.
  • To guarantee that APC recommends to its members only high-quality ATOs.

APC will use Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to conduct an evaluation of an ATO across all aspects of their operation: Safety and Compliance management system, instructor training and standards, as well as theoretical and practical training standards. The APC ATO evaluation process produces a report with clear recommendations, which the ATO will agree to address on an agreed timeframe.
The evaluation will be reviewed after one year and repeated every two years thereafter. This re-validation process will be risk-based and generally consist of two days’ desktop review and two days’ on-site observation.

The process for becoming an APC-endorsed ATO is rigorous and thorough. ATOs must meet a variety of criteria to be considered for endorsement. This includes having experienced instructors, up-to-date training materials, and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, ATOs must demonstrate a commitment to safety and a willingness to continuously improve their training programs.

APC's endorsement of an ATO is a seal of approval that carries significant weight in the aviation industry. Being an APC-endorsed ATO provides validation to potential students, as it means the institution meets the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry. This can be especially important for students who are just starting their aviation careers and are looking for a reputable ATO.

Success stories from APC-endorsed ATOs prove that partnering with APC is a wise choice for institutions that strive to provide top-notch training. These success stories showcase the achievements of APC-endorsed ATOs and the impact they have had on the aviation industry. They also demonstrate the value of APC's endorsement and the benefits it can provide to ATOs and their students.


Satisfied ATO Partners

At APC, we take pride in our network of satisfied ATO partners. Our commitment to providing the highest quality training and support has earned us the trust and respect of industry-leading organisations worldwide.

But don't just take our word for it. Multiple ATO owners have shared their experiences of working with APC, and the results speak for themselves. These leaders have seen significant improvements in their training outcomes and pass rates, which is a testament to the quality of our training programs and support.

Renowned CAT magazine featured an in-depth look at this process their November 2022 edition. In it, author Rick Adams asked some of APC’s partner ATOs about their experience with the Quality Assurance audit process.

Lee Woodward, CEO at Skyborne Aviation Academy, says about the Quality Assurance:
“It’s a whole group of [APC] SMEs [working] for the greater good. It’s a really good idea.”

Capt. Michele Marano told Rick Adams, “They have experts in each area of the training organisation. They looked at everything we do … It is more intense that what the CAAs do. APC gets into many aspects beyond mere compliance.”

For Petros Tsaktanis, Managing Director at Global Aviation, he discussed that the audit highlighted “things we didn’t know that the airlines are looking for.”

And for Stefano Burratti, owner of Aero Locarno, he recognised that that for flights schools to prosper “we need to do this [APC process] to step forward.”

Read Rick’s article for CAT Magazine here.

Overall, partnering with APC is a smart choice for any ATO looking to improve their training outcomes and provide their students with the best possible education. Our network of satisfied partners is a testament to the value of working with APC, and we look forward to continuing to support the aviation industry through our partnerships.


Updates on New Training Programs and Facilities

APC is also expanding its network of training facilities worldwide, making it easier for pilots to find high-quality training in their region. This expansion has accelerated in recent months, which enables new pilots to complete their training in a more convenient and affordable manner. We are partnering with new training centres in Europe, USA and South America, and plans to continue expanding its network in the coming years.

At APC, we understand that pilot training is a lifelong process, and we are committed to providing our pilots with the best possible training throughout their careers. Currently, the focus is on ab-inito training and soon we will be introducing free content into our Preparation Zone that will assist post-graduate pilots to progress their careers. This new content will include guides such as:

  • Route to Flight Instructor
  • Route to Command
  • Route to TRE


In the rapidly evolving aviation industry, staying on top of emerging technologies and innovative teaching methods is crucial for aspiring ATOs and pilots. Partnering with APC opens up a world of opportunities, including access to cutting-edge training resources, networking opportunities, and enhanced safety and compliance standards. With satisfied ATO partners and updates on new training programs and facilities, APC is well-positioned to play a leading role in shaping the future of flight training.

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