Do you want to maintain and improve your English language skills? The Aviation Communication course designed by The Airline Pilot Club aims to perfect your communication and English language skills. It is designed to help you pass your interview and give you confidence in the cockpit when communicating with your crew.

Led by our English Language expert, Frank O’Dea, BA (Hons), Dip, CELT, you will be taken through a friendly course structured around 5 key elements that will focus on aviation terminology and concepts:

  • Aviation Communication (CRM Introduction)
  • English Grammar Focus
  • English Language Skills
  • English Language Tips
  • Interview Preparation



6 x 1 hour (minimum) lessons


The subject matter will be very focused on key areas that will improve your performance during an assessment and later in the cockpit. Your knowledge and skills will improve.

We call our course an Aviation Communication course because it is about much more than just being able to speak English well. Communication is a key Competence for an Airline Pilot and, as such, you will eventually be assessed in your use of Communication in a multi-pilot crew. Our course gives you an insight into all the Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills that you will need to be a good aviation communicator.

Also, throughout the 6 lessons, we have included little details about daily activity as a pilot and the Airline Pilot career in general. We have linked these stories to the practical English training you will get from Frank. Finally, you will be able to speak directly with Mentour Pilot to discuss any follow-up queries you might have.

A brochure is available for download.

Online Aviation Communication Course

  • Pre-Course Study Pack
  • Introduction to Aviation Communication
  • Minimum of 6 hours online English language tuition.
  • Students given 2 months FREE access to Mentour Pilots 360 App
  • Weekly Q&A with Mentour Pilot
  • €200

Student Feedback

What did you think of the Instructor:

“Frank is just great. The way he teaches is so different to what I am used to. I am amazed that we was able to teach us so much in such a limited time.”

“Frank was great, he really has the knowledge and experience that makes him about to pinpoint each student where we might have our spots for improving. Also, he showed up how important it is to expand your language skills in order to highlight what you want to say IN THE WAY that you want to say it.”

“I could not be more satisfied! Frank was very nice, competent and very involved. He managed to give us good tips to improve our level of English at home. Thus, I already feel the benefits of these classes and I’m quite sure I will continue to use them in the future.”

How useful were the Grammar, Skills & Tips:

“I really liked the fact that all the grammar was explained in context. This makes it so much easier to grasp it.”

“It gave me some hints on how to expand my English during an interview in order to look more professional.”

“Really nice! I loved the idiomatic language and the phrasal verbs study. I realised how often it was used on the radio and I was glad to recognise the different idioms we had been working on.”

Did it Improve your English Language:

“To be honest I really didn't think that I will be able to improve in only six lessons but I was wrong! I feel much more confident in my English skills now.”


“Definitely! These courses helped me improve my English! Furthermore, they showed me a good way of practising! So I’m very grateful!

What did you think of the Lesson Plans & Notes:

“All the notes were very clear and well-structured with a lot of aviation content. If you really have passion for aviation you can't help but love them.”

“Everything was well structured and gave us an overall view on how an assessment can be, which is great for our future.”

“Structured, efficient, easy to read! Good experience!”

Aviation Communication Introduction

“Really Useful!”

Did you think the course was Value for Money?

“In my opinion the price is nothing compared to the value of the course.”

“It does, as it gives you the opportunity to do some work by yourself at home and improve in that way too”

“Yes I did !”