Gold Membership




Get an EASA Approved ATPL Theory Course with ASG, along with a 12-month APC membership with all benefits AND an exclusive APC Indicative Assessment!

  • All the benefits of Premium membership
  • ASG’s “virtual” ATPL theory course is based on 3 modules of distance learning and classroom instruction totalling 720 hours of study.
  • Training can be completed in 6 months but averages approximately 9 months.
  • The course involves an online distance learning self-study programme which is managed and overseen by ASG’s training team through an online learning management system.
  • Upon successful module completion, ASG can provide the “ATO sign-off” for you to sit examinations in any EASA member-state

Please familiarise yourself with The Airline Pilot Club’s standard terms and conditions before you register with us.